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Ttile:The Series Activities of Enterprise Culture,The Company’s Tug-of-War Game| Read:2842 | Time: 2011-12-22
In order to enrich the amateur life of the company staff, ease tension and pressure of their life and work and enhance the company team, Jiangsu Gong-chang held a friendly tug-of-war game in the afternoon on 21st, Dec, which carried out the “ Love, Gratitude, Harmonious” . It put the first, second, third and participation awards. The employees from each department and workshop signed up actively and positively to take part in the game. There were 11 teams. There were 7 men and 3 women in each team with a total of 110 people.
As a whistle from the referee, the game began. The players did their utmost to pull the heavy rope. Both parties strived and the cheering squad also cheered warmly for the players in the lead of leader. After the fierce competition, finally the team from No. 2 workshop of strip won the first, No. 3 and No. 1 workshop of strip won the second and third.
A unity and perseverance style appeared in the process of game. The routine vice manager Mr. Huang, the vice manager Mr. Chu and other leaders were present to encourage the players and awarded bonus and silk banner for them who won the game. They encouraged the staff to keep up the good work so as to make rapid progress in the future.
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