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Ttile:The Company’s First Chess Game Ends| Read:2728 | Time: 2011-12-22

In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of the company staff and enhance exchange and interaction between them, the company recently organized them to hold the first chess game in activities room. After the selection from each workshop and department, there were 25 players to take part in the game. There were 16 employees to participate in the game, using group draw to sifte out. The general manager Mr. Shao and the vice general manager Mr. Chu were present at the game and awarded for players.

The general manager host word in the opening sitting. He hoped that it’s not just a game, but enhancing staff’s identity and belonging to enterprise with chess as media, firmly establishing the consciousness of an enterprise for home, solidarity and group strategy, giving play to the sense of responsibility and  devotion spirit of the master, contributing for strong and harmonious Gong-chang.

After fierce competition for two days, finally Chu Guoliang from No. 5 metalworking shop won the first, Zhang Long from No. 3 strip workshop the second and Jiang Jianwei from No. 2 strip workshop the third.

After the game, the vice manager Mr. Chu gave closing speech. He hoped all of them took struggle spirit back to the work and worked hard at each post to complete each task this year with high-spitits.

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