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Ttile:Cooperation with Institute| Read:3729 | Time: 2008-12-26 13:52:47

Cooperation with Institute

Improve technical level, set up elite technical team

Jiangsu Gongchang Roll Co., Ltd and Wuxi Institute of Art & Technology signed an agreement of technical development cooperation on March 27th 2008. The director Mr. Shao Shuncai of GC roll and Vice president Mr. Shao Hanqiang of Wuxi Institute of Art & Technology addressed for the celebration. Both side representations had a speaking as well.

GC has a drastic improvement base on its main Philosophy of “common prosperity, People-oriented”. GC abides the principle of “talent is the basic enterprise development” all the time. At present, due to insufficient ability persons for company further development, especially in roll production industry. We communicated with Wuxi Institute of Art & Technology many times. Finally, we reached an agreement with each other. The Institute set up special curriculums based on the characteristics of company product. Give lectures at company in regular time. It supplies company with strong technical support, and bring up many technicians for company.

Company selected 30 staff to take part in the countrywide entrance examination, and 22 staff pass who would have 3 years study. These persons were the 1st students in GC class.

GC believes that along with the continuous taking of GC class, GC will build up a technician team both with practice experience and academic knowledge. It’s a solid foundation for GC’s development.


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